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Akros: kunst spel

In dit spel kom je alles te weten over de verschillende religies. Een spel waarbij je door te spelen en praten meer te weten komt over verschillende geloofsoveruigingen van over de hele wereld.

3-8 jaar

Lees hier de spelregels

Adviesverkoopprijs: €29,99


Original association game using real pictures to discover art in its different forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, cinema, theatre, music and dance. Spin the wheel and discover your favourite form of art! Large reversible cards with self-correction system.

What do I learn?
  • Attention and concentration
  • Vocabulary and verbal fluency


  • – 1 high quality cardboard roulette (18 cm)
  • – 24 high quality cardboard cards with real pictures (9 cm)
  • – 8 high quality cardboard triangular cards (9 x 8 cm)
  • – 8 high quality cardboard star coins (4,7 cm)

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