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Organic Make up, schminck, haarmascara, glitter en meer. COSMOS gecertificeerd en geproduceerd in Frankrijk en Italie. Lees hieronder het verhaal van dit Franse bedrijf

…there was a little idea…
One fine day in 2013, a little idea began to take root in the minds of two young engineers. They wondered: “How can we spark limitless imagination in kids while being gentle on their super sensitive skin?”

This was a real issue for many parents who wanted to protect their children’s health and help them safely grow—so many products designed for little ones were still dangerous for their little bodies. The engineers wondered, “What can we do about this?”

…that grew into a dream…
After some brainstorming, a few sleepless nights and a bit of market research, the dream came into focus and they wondered: Can we create organic face paint and makeup for kids that’s
natural AND fun?

…that blossomed into reality.
The next question was, “What do we name this dream?”

Three little words came to our engineer friends:
Naturel, Make-Up, Kids
And that’s how the dream fully blossomed into reality as Na-ma-ki. Not bad, right? You probably didn’t see that coming…
Alright, so what came next?

Protecting humans is cool. Protecting the planet at the same time is even cooler!
That settled it.

Our entrepreneurial engineers decided Namaki and its products would do everything possible to protect humans AND the environment, starting from product design all the way to final disposal
of each product created.

They outlined three foundational values: transparency, trust and respect. From the very beginning, the company committed to a planet-friendly approach incorporating ecodesign of natural,
organic products.

Introducing the very first…
The first organic, natural face paint kit was finally released in 2013. Hypoallergenic and water-based, the paint was easy to apply and remove and even offered easy-to-draw tutorials on
the packaging. And that’s how Namaki became a pioneer in its industry with this star product.

Little by little, Namaki’s dream grew…
The company now offers a growing range of products with more than 60 items that are all safe for the skin. We do it all to give kids and their parents more of what they want.

The team is also growing as we add more employees so Namaki can provide young parents with the products they need. We are committed to following our values and ethics throughout the life cycle of each old and new product.

Our beautiful story is just getting started.
Join us to write the next chapter together!

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