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Akros Magic Window. Magisch raam. Tafelmodel Ezel

Afmeting: 28 x 33 x 1 cm
Horizontaal en verticaal te gebruiken
Kan perfect gecombineerd worden met de Zandtafel
Tip: teken op het raam met de Kitpas krijtjes.

6 gekleurde uitwisbare stiften


Made in Spain
FSC gecertificeerd

Advies verkoopprijs: €42.99



A creative window to draw and recreate the world! Includes 6
erasable coloured felt pens to let your imagination  It also
facilitates working on pre-writing with the completion of basic
concepts sheets (sheets not included). You can use it both vertically
and at on the table. Inspired by Montessori methodology




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