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Namaki schmink potlood gevulde display

schminkpotlood op natuurlijke basis.
Bio gecertificeerd
Made in Italy


Gevulde display:

4x schminkpotlood set van 6 regenboog
4x schminkpotlood set van 6 magical world
losse potloden: 2x zwart, 2x wit, 1x geel, 1x groen, 2x blauw, 1x rood, 1 x goud, 1x zilver, 1x turqoise,2x fuchsia, 2x roze, 2x paars

Adviesverkoop: €5.50


Description :
Take your face painting design to the next level for your kids with these skin color pencils. Practical
and precise, making them the perfect complement for our color kits and great for creating a
complete face. Spark your children’s imagination and point them towards an endless well of ideas so
they can become who they have always dreamed of being.

Largeur : 20 cm / Profondeur : 11 cm / Hauteur : 23.5 cm
Contient :
– 4 Kits 6 crayons de maquillage Arc-en-ciel
– 4 Kits 6 crayons de maquillage Mondes enchantés
– À l’unité : 2 noir + 2 blanc + 1 jaune + 1 vert + 2
bleu + 1 rouge + 1 or + 1 argent + 1 turquoise + 2
fuchsia + 2 rose + 2 violet

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