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Namaki nagellak op waterbasis set van 3: Pink (02) – Pearly White (05) – Light Blue (08)

Nagellak op warebasis. 3 kleuren in een gift box incl. vijl
Verwijderbaar als een sticker zonder chemische middelen.

Vrij van: parabenen, formaldehyde, pht laten, tolueen, kampfer and nano deeltjes

Adviesverkoopprijs: €18,50


Set of 3 water-based and peelable nail polishes
Pink (02) – Pearly White (05) – Light Blue (08) + Free Nail File

In order to allow child to have fun safely and to conserve the environment, Namaki conceived and
developed a peelable ecological nail polish, which is water-based, with solvent and no smell.
These very funny kits use the famous Namaki’s colors collection and will allow child to paint their
nails to suit their games, their desires, or their outfits.
Their parents are even more delighted to see them playing safely because these nail polishes:
• Are water-based, with no solvent and no smell
• Belong to the category “6 free” because it is formulated without parabens, without
formaldehyde, without phthalate, without toluene, without camphor, without nanoparticles.
• Are very easy to apply: it dries quickly and can be removed easily just like a sticker no need
to use an aggressive solvent for skin or nail

Ingredients :

Réf. 110901
Dimensions 97 X 30 mm – h 60 mm
Weight 132 g
3X7.5ml / 3X0.25fl oz +
1 nail file

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