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Matador Maker (3+) bouwset M034

PEFC gecertificeerd hout
Geproduceerd in Oostenrijk

34 stuks

Advies verkoopprijs: € 32.99

Maker M034

The Maker M034 is a perfect Matador beginner’s set. Build simple models such as a duck, a train or a pig. The Maker construction sets promote the development of motor and cognitive skills of our children – for small master builders with a strong imagination!

The Maker wooden construction sets by Matador promote motor and cognitive development of our young children aged 3 years and older. Thanks to the own Matador hammer, building blocks and pins are connected so that children playfully develop craftsmanship skills.

Using the special Matador pliers, the structures can always be taken apart and then re-assembled to form a new structure. The size of the wooden blocks which measure 4×4 cm are perfectly suited for the size of small children’s hands. The building instructions are illustrated, thereby enabling children to build on their own. Six different main construction sets in various sizes (ranging from 34 to 350 building parts) and sensible expansion sets allow children to build to their heart’s content.

Content: 34 parts incl. tools and building manual



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