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We Might Be Tiny Bendie (set van 5 rietjes) Earth and Blooms

Set van 5 rietjes inclusief schoonmaakborstel

Adviesverkoopprijs €13.99


Made from non-toxic food-grade silicone, our bendie straws are highly durable and will be your family’s beverage besties for years to come. Available in a 5-pack or individually with straw case & cleaner. Diameter rietje: 10 mm |

Set van 5 incl schoonmaakborstel | Afmeting verpakking : 11.2 x 22.5 cm | Materiaal: silliconen – BPA vrij | Hittebestendig | Geschikt voor vriezer | Vaatwasserbestendig (voorkeur bovenste rek).

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