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Milaniwood Jump! Basketball

Play basketball with wooden tiddlywinks!
Make a winning shot! Great fun for all ages. A safe, eco-friendly game made with non-toxic colours. 100% Made in Italy. JUMP! basketball is made with wood from forests managed using a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

2 mountable wooden baskets (100% FSC®), 2 JUMP! discs in beech wood (100% FSC®), 4 orange balls in beech wood (100% FSC®), 1 felt basketball court (33x20cm), 1 instruction leaflet in 5 languages.

SIZE: 76X220CM

Adviesverkoopprijs: €17.99


Assemble the baskets and place them on the endline. Set the time for the match, with a 3-minute minimum. The youngest player goes first.


Use the edge of the JUMP! disc to gently press down on the ball (small yellow disc) so that it jumps forward. Practice until you can control where the ball lands.


Place the ball on the white endline on your side of the court, to the left or right of the basket. You can shoot the wink towards your opponent’s basket as many times as you like, until it is the best position to shoot for the basket. Each basket made from outside the three-point line gets 3 points, while those from inside it, get 2 points. If the ball touches the backboard and/or the ring and goes through, the points are scored. If you shoot the ball and it lands in your opponent’s side of the court, either too close to the basket or in a position where it is impossible to shoot a basket, then one shot in a backwards direction in your opponent’s half if allowed. After passing the ball backwards, you can shoot for the basket or try to position the ball better before shooting for a basket. If the ball goes off the court, or touches the backboard or ring and then rebounds off the court, possession of the ball changes to the other player. After each successful basket or when the ball changes hands, the other player places the ball on the endline and the action begins again from there.

The winner is the player who scores the most points in the set time.



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