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Milaniwood Jump! Archery

Milaniwood Jump! Archery

Archery with wooden tiddlywinks!
Make a winning shot! Great fun for all ages. A safe, eco-friendly game made with non-toxic colours. 100% Made in Italy JUMP! tennis uses wood from forests managed using a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

20 wooden arrows (100% FSC®), 4 JUMP! discs in beech wood (100% FSC®), 1 felt range (33×20 cm) with target, 1 instruction leaflet in 5 languages.

SIZE: 76X220CM

Adviesverkoopprijs: €17.99

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Take the JUMP! disc and 4 arrows (small drilled discs) in one colour. Decide whether to play from the line closest to the target (easier) or the further one (more difficult). The first archer places his or her arrows on each of the 4 circles on the chosen line.


Use the edge of the JUMP! disc to gently press down on the arrow (small drilled disc) so that it jumps forward. Practice until you can control where the arrow disc lands!


Shoot the 4 arrows one after the other, trying to score points by getting them into the concentric target rings worth the most points. Once all these arrows have been shot, the score is determined by looking at the colour or colours visible through the hole in the disc and awarding the corresponding score (e.g. all black, 4 points). If you can see two colours, the score is the colour that you can see more of (e.g. more blue, 6 points). If you can see half of one colour and half of the other, you get the higher score (e.g. more blue than grey, 6 points). If you can see more light blue (outside the target) than anything else, the shot is not valid. The points from the 4 shots are then totalled to determine the score, before the arrows are collected and the next person goes.

The winner is the archer who scores the most points!



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